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About the Event


Hungerford's Bonnets & Bunnies Fun Run is a Charity spectacular, raising funds for many Rotary charities. Each runner also has the opportunity to raise funds through sponsorship for their own favourite charity or to add to our Rotary fund raising.

This event is being organised as Hungerford's Santa Fun Run had to be cancelled at the last minute due to icy conditions.The sight of Bonnets and Bunnies running and walking the 5Km course around Hungerford will provide the town with a glorious spectacle and a chance for entrants to raise sponsorship money. If you are not running, come along to see and support all the Bonnets and Bunnies as they complete the course.

How do I Enter ? All applications are made online using our entry form with online payment.

Can Children enter as well as Adults ? Yes, young people between the ages of 5 and 15 will be able to enter, as long as they are accompanied throughout the run by a responsible adult. Entries of children and young people must be made by a responsible adult.

What's the Cost of Entry ?

                      Accepted entrants from the 2017 Hungerford Santas Fun Run will not be charged but must register in the usual way

                      New entrants will be very welcome 

                  £10 for Adults (18 or over on 1st January 2018)

                  £ 7 for Young People (12 or over but under 18 on 1st January 2018)

                  £ 7 for children ( 5 and over but under 12 on 1st January 2018)






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